TOUR Series Season Points
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At each TOUR Series event, points are awarded based on how individuals finish in the Net portion of their flight (see point structure below). At the “Major events” the points are 200% of normal. If there is a tie for a position and no playoff occurs, the points for the positions used are added together and divided by number of positions. An example would be – if there was a 3 way tie for second – 2nd, 3rd, and 4th points would be added together and divided by 3 for the points award to each person involved in the tie. In the event a tie for first place occurs and a playoff is held, then first place in the playoff will be awarded first place points. If more than 2 people tie for 1st, all losers in the playoff will tie for second and split points as mentioned above.

Points determine 1st Half Season, 2nd Half Season and Full Season winners in the TOUR Series, and Tournament of Champions qualifiers.  For the 1st and 2nd Half, players in first through fourth positions receive a NexBelt belt. Full Season first through fourth place positions receive an AGA membership unless the Full Season winner did not win a belt previously in which case a belt may be substituted.

2017 NexBelt Point Standings

Mid-season point leader, second half point leader and overall point leader are awarded prizes.
Check your season points after each event!

Travel/Multi-day events award a 3 point bonus to participants
Major events are worth 200% of the points

2016 “Watch the Season Points” Results

Place Points
1 20
2 15
3 12
4 10
5 8
6 6
7 5
8 4
9 3
10 2
11 and above 1