Rules and Policies


As a member, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures of the AGA TOUR.  Being aware of the procedures listed below will help insure that you will enjoy the TOUR from your first event.  Should you have any questions, please call or email us.  Effective communication is the foundation of a long and enjoyable relationship.

Bad Weather Policy

The AGA TOUR is under contractual obligation to the golf courses in question. If the club deems the golf course open and playable, we play (like the players on the PGA, Senior and LPGA Tour). We do not play when lightning is imminent.

Usually, private courses deem your day complete once you have concluded nine holes of golf, as dictated by the contractual arrangement set forth by the club. Public courses have a set rain check policy which prevails.

The director of the TOUR will negotiate the best option for members when and if these situations exist. We are all disappointed when weather shortens an event, but we ask for your cooperation and consideration on these occasions, as we strive to be as fair as possible to our members.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel, please notify the AGA office (by email or phone – before the event, or call 678-457-9882 on the day of the event). Please let us know as soon as possible so we can keep the courses apprised of the correct number of players and we can update the tee sheet in a timely manner.

If you have already made a payment for the event with a credit card, the amount paid will be rolled over to your next event. If you would like to request a refund for a credit card payment, the amount paid, less any merchant service fees, will be refunded to your credit card.

Guest Policy

We have suggested bringing friends, business associates, and relatives who are not members of the AGA to tournament events. You can bring the same guest to two events a year. There is no limit on number of different guests.

Guests with an active USGA index can compete in the Tournament portion of the event. Guests without an index will be charged $20 less (prize pool portion), but can compete in the skins in the Flight best determined for their ability. Some prime events will not be able to confirm guests’ entry until 5 days prior to ensure members get a first and fair chance to enter the event.

Slow Play Policy

The standard pace of play for the AGA TOUR is four and one half hours.  The AGA TOUR and local course will assist in informing and ensuring groups are aware of their position and pace of play.  It is critical however that all groups keep up with the group in front of them and play ready golf as a way to ensure our pace of play guidelines are met and everyone can have an enjoyable event without being penalized.

If your group falls one full hole behind (a par four), you are considered to be out of position on the golf course.

This is the definition set by the USGA and adopted by the GSGA and the AGA TOUR. Course marshals will notify you if your group is falling behind. Once you have fallen one hole behind, your group (foursome) will be given an official warning, and then must play the next three holes in 40 minutes or less. Failure to comply will result in a two-stroke penalty for everyone in your group.  If even after completing these 3 holes in 40 minutes you are still a hole behind you will remain in warning and need to play the next 3 in 40 minutes or less as well.

It is your responsibility to monitor the group in front of you, not the group behind. The following overused statement is often heard, “We are not holding up the group behind.” If you were current with the group in front, then the group behind would be handled according to this policy.

Distance Measuring Devices

Distance measuring devices will be allowed in all AGA tournaments per the USGA  Decision 14-3/0.5 Local Rule Permitting Use of Distance Measuring Device. 

A local rule will be in effect at all tournaments for the use of all devices that do not use gradient, slope, or any other subjective means to give distances.  If you have any questions about a certain device please consult with us before using the device in our events.

Non-conforming Clubs Policy

The AGA TOUR plays strictly by USGA rules with the exception of our “lost ball” rule. Therefore all non-conforming clubs will not be allowed to be used on the AGA. Use of these clubs will automatically disqualify you.


The Amateur Golfers Assocation (AGA) is a member club of the Georgia State Golf Association.  To play with the AGA you must have a current and active USGA handicap/index that is GSGA and/or USGA approved.  For new members exceptions will be granted on an individual basis with proper documentation until their USGA index is active.

Cell Phone Policy

Although the AGA has not totally banned cell phones, to insure consideration for others, the following local rule will be implemented. Once you arrive to your first tee, the phone must be turned off or on silent mode. A cell phone ringing will be subject to a one stroke penalty. Talking on the cell phone is strongly discouraged and will only be allowed between holes if you must talk on your cell phone.  Please also make sure even if you have to talk between your playing of holes that you do not bother any competitors or effect the pace of play.  If a player does talk on their phone during the play of a hole, they will be subject to a one stroke penalty.

Tee Times

Approximately 3 days before the event, your tee time and any particular information you might need for that day will be posted on the web site (Tee Times).  Your tee time may change plus or minus 10 minutes of the time stated on the web site without notification.  It is your responsibility to call the AGA TOUR office to obtain this information if you do not have access to our web site.

AGA TOUR Flighting Rules

Fortunately sandbagging is rarely, if ever, an issue in the AGA. This is because we have checks and balances in place to insure fairness to all.  Your current handicap index is pulled up before each tournament you play in order for us to put you in the correct flight.  In order to insure fairness to all, the handicap adjustment rule has been created to handle certain situations that may arise. All aspects of the handicap adjustment rule is subject to the commissioner’s discretion.

After each event, winners’ scores may be evaluated to determine if they had a qualifying win. Evaluations will occur on players who won a trophy AND finished in the top 2 in the Net division.

The differentials of posted tournament scores are used and compared to the player’s index at the time of the win. Regardless of flight size, if the differential is 3 better than the index, the win is considered a qualifying win. If the differential is greater than the index, the win may be considered a qualifying win if the flight size was greater than 10 and the commissioner feels course conditions, quality of field, etc warrant it. If the differential is between 1 and 3 strokes better than the index, the win will be considered a qualifying win by commissioner’s discretion.

Two qualifying wins in ten may put the player under penalty. If a player beats a field of 10+ players by 5+ strokes, an automatic penalty may be applied. If a player beats a field of fewer than 10 players and his differential is 4+ better than his index, an automatic penalty may be applied.  In all situations, the commissioner will make the final determination.

Penalties of the handicap adjustment rule:
When the handicap adjustment rule is applied to a player, the player will receive 2 index points less than their trend or index for all events during their penalty period.

Penalty Period
A minimum of two events must be played during this period to be reviewed and possibly removed from penalty. If no events are played during this timeframe, player must play in 2 events before undergoing review. The penalty period will carry over through seasons and series.

If a player under penalty wins in a flight with 10+ players or has a qualifying win in a flight with 9 or fewer players, then a further handicap reduction will occur under the commissioner’s discretion.

If a player under penalty shoots a round where the handicap differential is below the adjusted handicap, further handicap reduction may be taken under the commissioner’s discretion.

After the penalty period ends, re-evaluation will be based on the current USGA index and competitiveness with the adjusted index.

Code of Conduct/AGA TOUR Rules

We expect each member to conduct themselves within the honor and tradition of the great game of golf. (No throwing of clubs or cheating of any type will be tolerated.  Expulsion from the AGA will occur if necessary.)

All members should also have a good understanding of the USGA Rules of Golf which governs play in the AGA.  These rules will govern play with the following exceptions:
Waiving of rule No. 27-2 for players in Flight 3 and above in AGA TOUR Events and all players in Hardcore Series events.  Should you lose a ball not out of bounds or in a hazard, the AGA allows you to play the ball as a lateral hazard.  Meaning you have 2 options:

1) You can take a line-of-flight from where your playing partners agree the last place the ball was seen to the tee box, drop on that line of flight with a one stroke penalty, and continue.

2) You can take 2 clubs lengths from where your playing partners agree the last place the ball was seen, take a drop with a one stroke penalty, and continue.

For events where lost ball rule is in effect all wooded areas where unless otherwise marked will be played as a lateral hazard. Also, as per Note 2 for Rule 7-2 and Rule 33-1, the AGA TOUR Committee, in the conditions of competition, does prohibit practice on or near the putting green of the hole last played, and rolling a ball on the putting green of the hole last played.

Dress Code

The AGA dress code is no denim, collared shirts only, and shorts no more than four inches above the knee.  This rule applies to all members and spectators and we will enforce any club dress code policies that are not covered here as well.

Registration for Events

Registration for events occurs by filling out the form online. The AGA TOUR accepts payments made with cash, check, American Express, Discover, Visa, or MasterCard. Credit Card payments may be made online prior to an event. Cash and check will be accepted day of. Please make sure you are aware of the cancellation policy, as once you are registered this policy will apply for all cancellations.

Note: The AGA will charge a $30.00 fee for any returned checks or other such items.

Tournament Day Procedures

On tournament day there will be AGA TOUR personnel for proper check-in. No check-in at the pro shop is required. Your entry fee includes greens fee, cart, range balls, tax, and prize pool. Any promotional or giveaways advertised as enhancements are not part of the entry fee and may be changed or cancelled without any notice. It is of utmost importance that you are on time tournament day. We request that you check in at least 30 minutes before your tee time, and be to your designated tee box 10 minutes ahead of time. Keep in mind that your tee time may be changed plus or minus 10 minutes without notification. If you are late by up to 5 minutes, but your group has not left the first tee you will be assessed a 2 stroke penalty if you make your tee time. If you miss your tee time, you are disqualified from the tournament. At check-in you will receive your official score card. Before starting play, players should exchange score cards as players must have another competitor in their group keep their score. At the completion of play, the scorer must sign the scorecard and the player must attest his or her score. Players must then post their score card at the scoring table  It is the participant’s responsibility to correctly add his/her score card and to post his/her score to the handicap system on the day of the tournament.

Winner Presentation Procedures

Once everyone has completed their round and posted their scores, trophies and/or prizes will be determined and awarded.  The prizes usually are gift certificates to a golf store or to the local pro shop and sometimes must be redeemed that day.  Points are given for how you place in the tournament for your flight as outlined on the points pages providing you turn in your card.  Winning an event also qualifies you for the TOUR Championship.  Also, if you are a non-winner, but have highest point total in your flight of all who have not already qualified, you also have the opportunity of being invited to the TOUR Championship.

Release from Liability and Player/Spectator Assumption of Risk

By submitting a member application and/or entering an AGA TOUR event, the participant and any spectators associated with a participant understands and agrees that there are known risks involved with the participation in a golf event, including but not limited to being struck by a ball or golf club, suffering from heat exhaustion, incurring a severe health problem like a heart attack or stroke, being injured by uneven terrain, all of such risks participant assumes and solely accepts, and waives all claims of injury to body or property against the AGA. Furthermore, the participant agrees that while on the premises of all AGA events, the participant, and any spectators/guest, associated with participant, shall be present at their own risk and that the AGA, shall not be liable for any claims for injuries or damages whatsoever to person or property of the participant or associated person arising out of or in connection with the participation in the Event or presence at the Event. Participant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the AGA from all claims by or liability to participant or associated persons.



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